Internet Marketing Solutions for Realtors

For the past 10 years, PhotoTours has been helping Santa Barbara real estate agents promote their listings online with the finest presentation of photographic content and listing information available.  We have produced almost 6,000 PhotoTours; more than 1,000 agents are registered to use our PhotoTour marketing services; each month our Websites receive over 25,000 hits from 12,000+ unique visitors; our PhotoTour listing pages are viewed over 60,000 times each month.

In addition to our PhotoTour services, we also build Websites and provide listing information and property search solutions. Our Internet Marketing Solutions are a cost effective way to:

 Our Internet Marketing Solutions for Realtors® have been strategically designed to help you:

1.      Pass the blush test.  Home Buyers and Sellers EXPECT you to have a professional Website.  When they say you don’t always get a second chance to make a good first impression, it’s true – especially online.  The image you convey and the listing information that you provide may determine whether you will be given an opportunity to represent a prospective Buyer or Seller. For example, a Home Owner will typically visit your Website BEFORE you deliver a listing presentation - assuming you have one. If you don’t have a Website, you'd better be prepared to do some fast talking! Your Website may be the first and only opportunity you have to communicate with a prospective Buyer or Seller.   

2.      Sell your listings.  Professionally photographed PhotoTours are an extremely effective marketing tool.  PhotoTours not only enable you to showcase your listings on your Website, in the MLS, on, etc., they also enable other agents to help you market your listings.  Because they can be branded with their contact information, other agents are comfortable sending a PhotoTour of your listing to their clients.  Unlike print advertising that has a very limited shelf-life, PhotoTours work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until your listing has sold.

3.      Set yourself apart from your competition and secure more listings.  Sellers want to know ‘how’ you’re going to market their home.  They also want to be assured that you are the right agent to list their property.  If PhotoTours are an integral part of your overall marketing program, you’ll actually be able to show an owner how their home will be seen online by hundreds of other agents and thousands of prospective Buyers.  In other words, PhotoTours not only help to sell homes, they can also be instrumental in securing new listings.

4.      Showcase your accomplishments.  Buyers and Sellers want to feel confident that you have successfully represented other clients and that you’re knowledgeable about the market.  If your Website does not adequately showcase what you’ve accomplished - in terms of active listings and prior sales - you could potentially fail to convince someone that you’re the right agent to market their property.  Since our PhotoTours are available online indefinitely, you’ll always be able to showcase the listings that you’ve closed and the homes that you have helped people to buy.

5.      Deliver what Home Buyers find useful.  According the National Association of Realtors®, when asked which Internet features Buyers considered very or somewhat useful, 98% cited pictures, 84% cited detailed property information, 92% cited virtual tours, and 78% cited interactive maps.  According to CAR, "multiple pictures/slide shows" continue to be the online feature with the highest rating.  Homes with multiple photos are viewed on 3 times more often.  Study after study has found that when Buyers search for property online, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words.  PhotoTours can help you deliver every Internet feature that Home Buyers find useful. 

6.      Get the best return for your marketing dollar.  The Internet has forever changed the way that consumers approach the home buying / selling process.  People often go online to educate themselves at least 6 – 12 months before they’re ready to make a move.  In spite of this trend, agents continue to spend the majority of their advertising budget on traditional marketing channels such as newspapers and real estate magazines.  Many agents do this because ‘print media’ is what they understand best.  It’s also what they believe Sellers expect (e.g., Sellers like to see their home in print ads).  Agents need to be able to educate their clients about the fact that their marketing dollars are better spent promoting listings online. 

7.      Provide Home Buyers with an unmatched level of listing information.  According the NAR, nationwide, over 90% of all Home Buyers use the Internet to search for homes.  Buyers want to know what’s on the market.  That means listing information.  If your Website provides the best home search tools and the most complete listing information available (e.g., PhotoToursIDX & Featured PhotoTours), people visiting your Website will likely regard you and your Website as an extremely valuable source of local real estate information.  Not only will they continue to use your Website to find out what’s on the market, it only stands to reason that when they need more information or they’re finally ready to actually start looking at properties, you’ll be the one they call.  Who knows, they may even tell their friends about your Website (i.e., you can’t buy that kind of ‘viral’ marketing).  If, however, a visitor finds your Website deficient in the listing information department, you run the risk that they’ll move on to another Website.  It’s that simple! 

 According the National Association of Realtors®:

In spite of these facts, a significant number of real estate agents do not even have a Website.  Often, an agent's Website does not include an MLS Search feature.

The question is: can you afford to under-deliver what Internet Empowered Consumers are looking for?  We believe that you really don’t have a choice.  You either step up to the plate with a professional Internet marketing plan and a content-rich Website or, potentially, lose out to your competition.  In today's market, if you think that you can get by without a Website, chances are that you’re either in denial or ill-informed.  If finances are the issue, then perhaps you’re in the wrong profession.  Whatever the reason, not having a Website is likely to cause potential clients to question why!

That said, with respect to costs, we understand that these are difficult times.  Our feeling is that we’re in this together.  As a local service provider, we try to be flexible and affordable.  In addition to monthly and annual payment plans, we're willing to tailor our services to fit your budget.

Below is our current pricing.  All of our Websites include a Basic version of PhotoToursIDX.  Initially developed for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors (click here), our MLS Property Search feature - PhotoToursIDX - is currently used by over 250 local real estate agents. Whether you have one listing or 10, Featured PhotoTours enable you to display all of our PhotoTours branded with your contact information. Featured PhotoTours and PhotoToursIDX are available as stand-alone products that can be added to any Website.  Charges are either Monthly or Annually.  Additional examples of our work can be found on PhotoTourWebsites.

  1. Basic Agent Websites include the Basic version of PhotoToursIDX and a Featured PhotoTours search feature. (Example)
  2. IDX Agent Websites include Active Listings that automatically populate on your Website via Flex, an Enhanced version of PhotoToursIDX and a Featured PhotoTours search feature. (Example)
  3. Enhanced Agent Websites include PhotoToursIDX and Featured PhotoTours prominently displayed. (Example)
  4. Professional Agent Websites can include whatever content you want. (Example)
  5. Custom Agent Websites typically include Featured PhotoTours and an Enhanced version of PhotoToursIDX . (Examples)
  6. Featured PhotoTours can be added to any Website. (Example)
  7. The Basic version of PhotoToursIDX is included with all of our Agent Website solutions.  PhotoToursIDX is also available as a stand-alone product.  If you are currently paying for FlexIDX or any other IDX solution, you may implement our IDX solution today and we will extend your PhotoToursIDX subscription for 12 months beyond the expiration of your existing IDX contract. For more information about PhotoToursIDX , please click here.
  8. The Enhanced version of PhotoToursIDX with Lead Capture, Active Listings Management and our Map-Based Search feature can be added as an upgrade to any of our Agent Websites for $20/month or $200/year.  It is also available as a stand-alone product.  For more information about PhotoToursIDX , please click here.
  9. Setup charges vary depending upon the type of Website.  Enhanced Agent Websites include our standard banner with your name and a color scheme of your choosing. We can also provide you with a quote to add a Flash banner or custom photo(s).  Professional Agent Websites typically include photos of properties that you have either sold or are currently marketing.

So, how much do our services really cost?  We know that if we told you "nothing" that you probably wouldn’t believe us.  So, how about: "no more than what you’ve currently set for your marketing budget?"  It’s true!  The reality is: you’re probably already spending more money on print advertising than you should.  What does $100 a month in the News-Press get you?  Not much. How much does it cost for a print ad in one of the real estate magazines?  By simply reallocating a portion of your advertising expenditures to enhance your online marketing presence, we guarantee that you’ll get a better return on your advertising dollar.  Correctly implemented, your Website will more than pay for itself!

So, what's the next step? How about a phone call?  We can get you up and running with a professional, content-rich Website within a matter of hours - not days or weeks. We're also willing to work with your Website team - if you have one - to provide you with the most comprehensive listing information available anywhere.  Whatever you need, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you for your consideration of our PhotoTour offerings. We look forward to hearing from you.

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